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General terms and conditions of sale & rules and regulations

of the Hôtel La Louisiane


La Louisiane is not a palace or a 5-star hotel, but a historic and picturesque hotel, with no stars or frills, clean and tidy, equipped with all the necessary facilities for travellers, including lifts, safes, towels, WiFi access, kettle with tea and coffee etc. The rooms are simple, but all have quality bedding.

Since 1823, the hotel has been frequented by travellers from over 120 countries who appreciate its character and ideal location in the middle of Saint-Germain des Prés, the capital's most sought-after district.

Our promise is to provide you with a unique experience, in the heart of the historic Paris of art and festivities, lively by day and night, but well-protected by the police, just a 5-minute walk from the Pont des Arts opposite the Louvre Museum, the banks of the Seine and the vast Luxembourg Gardens.

This is why we offer you one of the best value for money places to stay in the centre of Paris, in an authentic atmosphere in a family-run, independent hotel that is easy to reach from stations and airports.


Preamble: The general terms and conditions of sale and the rules and regulations of the Hôtel La Louisiane (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) form a whole for which any reservation implies full and entire acceptance. Thus, the customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) hereby accepts and undertakes to comply with said whole, the provisions of which apply both to the Customer and to any occupant under the Customer's responsibility. All the Hotel's residents will be deemed to be Customers to whom these conditions apply, even if their reservation has been made through an online booking platform, a travel agency, or any other intermediary.

1. Room types, meeting rooms

The hotel has private rooms, each with its own bathroom. Beds are two meters (2m) long.

The rooms are of the following types: Single (1 person); Superior Double or Classic Double with a double bed or Twin with 2 single beds (up to 2 people); Triple (up to 3 people); Quadruple (up to 4 people); Quintuple (up to 5 people) - and Suites with 2 connecting rooms with multiple beds, single and/or double (for 1 to 6 people).

The hotel has a capacity of around 100 people and can also rent out several meeting rooms (from 40 to 70m2), depending on availability.

2. Arrival and check-in documents

The Hotel requires the Customer to accurately complete a check-in form.

In addition, based on the Hotel's legitimate interest in guaranteeing the safety of property and persons, the payment of its services and to prevent any incident relating to identity theft, the Hotel asks all persons checking in to present or forward proof of identity (national identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.), a copy of which will be made by the Hotel. Should the Customer fail to provide this/these document(s), the Hotel will reserve the right to refuse the Customer's room rental request.

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse access to persons: 1. whose clothing is indecent or very unkempt; 2. whose clothing is intended to conceal the face (French Law n°2010-1192 of 11/10/2010); 3. whose behaviour is noisy, inappropriate, contrary to public decency or public order, alcoholic or physically or verbally aggressive; 4. who contravene the rules of hygiene; 5. who have made or circulated comments damaging the Hotel’s reputation or its brand; 6. who have brought with them a manifestly excessive amount of luggage; 7. Who have caused a disturbance to the Hotel, its staff or its customers; 8. who have previously left an unpaid bill at the Hotel; 9. who have refused to fill in the check-in information form; 10. who have refused to comply with the rules in place for check-in; 11. and generally, who have refused to comply with the present of the rules and regulations.

The Hotel is not accessible to wheelchair users due to the narrowness of certain landings and corridors, nor to people who are not sufficiently independent.

3. Access to the Hotel and its rooms & security

Rooms are available from 5 p.m. The customer may not demand to access the room before this time unless agreed by the Hotel. All room occupants will be asked to show proof of identity, a copy of which may be made.

Customers are given a badge to access their room on arrival (check-in).

Rooms must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure, after which time the customer will be charged for an extra night. If the customer wishes to keep the room for an extra night, payment for the room must be made before 10 a.m., subject to availability and the agreement of the Hotel. Once the check-out has been completed and the access badge returned, it will no longer be possible for the customer to have access to the room he/she was occupying.

Furthermore, all room bookings are intended for a specific number of people. To ensure the hotel's safety rules, the customer must under no circumstances accommodate additional people.

Customers must ensure that the front door of their room is closed before they leave it, even briefly, and that they do not prevent the door from being closed by the door-closer bar (bellboy), even when they are in the room.

No visitor who is not a customer will be allowed to enter a room or use shared areas without prior permission from the Hotel.

4. Reservations

The Hotel reserves the right not to accept any reservation request made for: 1. a stay of less than two (2) nights; 2. more than eight (8) customers; 3. dates more than thirty (30) days in advance. Minors unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must present an authorization and liability waiver from the parent or guardian, together with a copy of the parent's or guardian's identity card.

A reservation commits the Hotel to the type of room requested, but under no circumstances to a specific room identified by its number, or its location in the building, or its particular characteristics, unless accepted in advance by the Hotel.

In addition, the Hotel reserves the right at any time: 1. to split a reservation over several rooms during the stay, without changing the agreed price; 2. to allocate to its customers - at the agreed price - a room of a higher category than the one provided; 3. to ask a customer to move to another room of the same type or higher during the stay.

Any reservation request that has not been confirmed by actual payment, in full or in part, is not binding for the Hotel, which shall be free to disregard the request. In addition, any reservation proposals and their prices shall expire at midnight if they are not accepted and paid for on the day they are sent or at the time another customer reserves the last available room of the type proposed. The Hotel shall be free to modify the prices and quotations it offers for any reservation that has not been confirmed.

For any reservation, the Hotel may request advance payment of between 50% and 100% of the price as a down payment.

5. Photos and videos of Hôtel La Louisiane

On the Internet, any photo, image, or video representing the Hotel is deemed to be non-contractual, even if it is associated with an advertisement that may have been consulted at the time of booking.

6. Prices

The prices quoted initially include one or more rooms. Any additional rooms that may be requested will be rented for an additional cost at the current rate. Rates published on the Hotel's media are indicative only.

The Hotel reserves the right to increase its prices on public holidays, during major events in Paris, as well as at weekends and during holiday periods.

7. Payment for the stay

Payment of the total cost of a stay must be made in euros (€) no later than the time of check-in, on arrival at the hotel. With the prior agreement of the Hotel, the customer may make payment in a currency other than the Euro, at the rate set by the Banque de France at the end of the previous month. In this case, however, the price of services will be increased by 10%.

In the absence of full payment, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel a reservation in its entirety. Cheques (and holiday & gift vouchers) are not accepted. Any sum remaining due for a stay that has already begun will become payable on presentation of an invoice, either in person or by e-mail.

In the event of a dispute, complaint or disagreement concerning all or a part of the invoice, the customer undertakes to pay the undisputed part without delay and to inform the Hôtel in writing of the reason for and the amount of the dispute within 15 days of the end of the stay. After this period, the service and the invoice will be considered as definitively accepted.

8. Cancellation

To be confirmed, a reservation must be accompanied by a down payment ("arrhes") of at least half (50%) of the agreed price for the stay.

Any cancellation made at least eight (8) days before 5 p.m. on the scheduled day of arrival will result in the amount already paid being converted into a credit note for another stay at the Hotel. Cancellations made less than eight days and more than three days (72 hours) in advance will reduce the credit note by half. No refunds or credit notes will be made for cancellations made less than 72 hours before arrival.

Any credit note is valid for one year only; after this period, any sum not allocated to a new stay will be retained by the Hotel.

When finalising a reservation, the customer shall make every effort to indicate the time, even approximate, of arrival at the Hotel, and then, insofar as possible, to keep the hotel informed of any change in this time.

9. Default of payment

Any failure to pay will give rise to the payment of a fixed indemnity for collection costs, the amount of which is set by decree at €40 (French Law, Decree n° 2012-1115 of 02/10/2012), as well as the payment of late payment penalties of an amount equal to three times the legal interest rate applied to the amount including V.A.T.

These late payment penalties are payable without the need for a reminder.

10. Room occupancy

All reservations are by name only and may under no circumstances be transferred to a third party, whether free of charge or in return for payment. If a customer who has made a reservation wishes other persons to use a room, they must complete their reservation and therefore make an additional payment before these persons can access the room(s).

11. Access badge

Room access badges are issued personally. Any loss or disappearance of an access badge must be reported immediately to the hotel reception desk. Access badge must not be entrusted to a third party and must be returned on departure. Any badge not returned at the end of stay will be billed fifty euros (€50) apiece to the customer.

12. Video surveillance

The Hotel is under video surveillance in compliance with current French laws (articles L251-1 to L255-2 and R251-1 to R253-4 of the French Code of Internal Security).

13. Pets

As a rule, pets are not accepted, except with the Hotel's express authorization. To obtain such an authorization, the Customer will have to provide a precise description of the animal at the time of the reservation request. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to grant such an authorization. Moreover, an additional charge may apply for pets. Guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs are accepted free of charge.

14. Services usage

14.1 Individual safe and forgotten objects: Customers remain responsible for their belongings in the Hotel, at all times. All rooms are equipped with an individual safe whose code can be set by the customer. If the Hotel finds any items left behind by the customer after their departure, they will be kept for one year. It is the Customer's responsibility to cover in advance the costs of recovering any forgotten items.

14.2 Laundry: The Hotel provides self-service washing machines and dryers from 9am to 6pm every day. Their use is limited to one (1) hour per day per customer. The Hotel does not supply washing powder.

14.3 Wi-Fi service: The Hotel offers access to its WiFi system for connecting to the Internet. For any stay of more than two (2) months, a supplement of ten euros (€10) per day will be charged for access. By using this Wi-Fi connection, the customer undertakes not to use the resources made available in any way for the purposes of reproducing, representing, making available or communicating to the public works or objects protected by copyright or by a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without the authorisation of the holders of the rights where such authorisation is required. Similarly, the user undertakes not to connect to illegal sites or applications that could lead to prosecution. In the event of use of the Wi-Fi service that the Hotel deems inappropriate or excessive, it reserves the right to block the access to the connected objects. The Hotel does not guarantee the speed or permanence of the service and declines all responsibility for any consequences of an interruption or limitation of the service. All users of the Hotel's Wi-Fi service remain entirely responsible for the computer security of the objects they connect to it and waive in advance any claim against the Hotel in the event of any incident.

14.4 Luggage storage and parking: The Hotel does not have luggage storage or parking facilities. The Hotel declines all responsibility in the event of a fine received by a Customer for failure to comply with parking and road regulations.

14.5 Mail reception and miscellaneous delivery service: The Hotel provides a mail reception and miscellaneous delivery service free of charge for stays of less than two (2) months. For longer stays, this service must be requested and will be invoiced at thirty euros (€30) per week; otherwise, mail and deliveries will be refused.

The Hotel and its staff are in no way responsible for letters and parcels sent to Customers staying at the Hotel. The Customer must ensure that they are handed over directly by the delivery person and, if this is not possible, collect them from reception as soon as possible. Delivery persons are unable to access the floors, so the Customer must come to reception to collect their parcels and deliveries.

The Hotel do not authorize Customers to use its address as their home address whatever the length of their stay.

14.6 Maintenance operations: all non-urgent maintenance requests must be made to the Hotel's reception desk, between 9am and 5pm.

14.7 Suspension of services: The Hotel reserves the right to block access to any service or equipment whose use is excessive or inappropriate, or when the Customer has not paid a bill in full.

15. Nuisances

The usual calm of the premises must be respected. Customers agree not to be noisy, either in the rooms or in the common areas, corridors, and staircases, especially at night between 22h. (10pm) and 9am.

Neighbourhood noise caused by the behaviour of any person or object under his or her responsibility (e.g. portable HiFi speaker, megaphone, horn, musical instruments, etc.). may be grounds for exclusion from the hotel, if the noise is such as to disturb the peace and quiet of other Customers (articles R.1334-30 and R.1334-31 of the French Public Health Code).

No parties or public events are permitted without prior authorization.

As a rule, Customers undertake to show respect for all other persons, and especially not to take photos or videos of other Customers or hotel employees without their prior consent.

16. Prohibitions

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Hotel, including in the rooms, except on the balconies of the rooms which have them. In accordance with the French Public Health Code, smoking in the hotel exposes the Customer to a fine for 3rd class offences and to prosecution.

The hotel also draws the attention of its Customers to the fact that smoke (from cigarettes, vaporizers, candles, incense, etc.) sets off the building's general fire alarm. For any untimely triggering of the fire alarm, whatever the cause, a charge of €300 will be made if the incident occurs between 10am and 9pm, and €1,000 (one thousand euros) between 9pm and 10am.

For obvious safety reasons, it is forbidden to use gas or electric appliances in the rooms (e.g., stoves, electric hotplates, ovens, etc.) or any heating appliance other than those provided by the Hotel. For the same reasons, it is forbidden to plug in multiple sockets.

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the Hotel illicit and/or dangerous objects or substances, or any type of object having the appearance of a firearm or likely to disturb the peace of other Customers.

It is forbidden to run, roll (skates, scooters, etc.) or shout in the Hotel, day or night, to hang laundry at the windows, to throw any object out of the window and generally to behave in a way that could cause any kind of harm to Customers or to the staff and the reputation of the Hotel.

It is forbidden to use the emergency staircases except when the fire alarm is activated.

It is forbidden to take any object from the room, including linen.

17. Room cleaning

Cleaning is carried out by room service between 8am and 8pm. Daily cleaning of rooms is included in the price, but a supplement may be charged for excessive soiling and staining. The Customer accepts that the hotel's authorized personnel enter their room to clean it and renew the linen and consumables, unless refused by a Customer present in the room or indicated in advance to the receptionist. Cleaning may not be refused for more than five (5) consecutive days.

The Hotel may charge for any damage caused by Customers, any part of the bedding rendered unusable for another Customer (mattress, box spring, etc.), or excessive cleaning operations, and demand immediate payment.

Any damage to the room or communal areas, or the disappearance of an object or hotel property (towel, linen, badge, lamp, etc.) may be billed directly to the Customer.

18. Liability

The Customer undertakes: 1. to use the rooms and common areas in a reasonable manner; 2. to comply with safety instructions in the event of an incident, in accordance with current regulations; 3. to take good care of his room and common areas and not to soil them excessively - either intentionally or through negligence - particularly as a result of the consumption of food and drink, tobacco, etc.

The Hotel may invoice the Customer directly for: 1. any damage caused by the Customer to his/her room or to the common areas; 2. any loss or disappearance from his/her room of an object or property of the Hotel (towels, linen, badges, lamps, etc.); 3. any item of bedding rendered unusable (mattress, base, etc.).

Any intervention by a plumber to unblock the bathroom will be invoiced at €500.

Customers undertake to look after their personal belongings in the common areas and not to leave them unattended. They must not leave any suitcases, bags or objects in common areas, including any furniture and object belonging to their room.

In the event of behaviour contrary to the principles of safety and/or hygiene, morality and/or public order, the hotel reserves the right to ask the Customer to leave the establishment immediately.

Minors are the sole responsibility of their parents and/or accompanying adult for the duration of their stay at Hotel.

19. Processing of personal data

The Hotel processes its Customers' personal data in compliance with current French Law. Personal data will not be communicated, exchanged, sold or rented to a third party, except with the express prior consent of the Customer in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

20. Violation of the present provisions, jurisdiction and applicable Law

In the event of any violation of the provisions of these rules, the Hotel will immediately require the departure of the Customer and any person sharing his or her stay.

In the event of a dispute, French Law shall apply, and the courts of Paris shall have sole jurisdiction. The original French version of these terms shall prevail over any translation.

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